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What is Room in Roof Insulation?

More of the heat in your home is lost through the roof than any other single part of the building. In most homes, loft insulation helps trap heat and prevent it from being lost, but when your attic space is a room, traditional forms of loft insulation aren’t practical.

Room in roof insulation (or ‘RIRI’) ensures that when you have a dormer or converted loft, you don’t have to compromise on warmth or energy efficiency. And with a room in roof insulation grant through the ECO4 scheme, you could get it for free.


When we install room in roof insulation, we place insulating board between the rafters of the ceiling and the plasterboard. This added layer of insulation doesn’t just make the attic room warmer in winter by trapping heat inside; it regulates the temperature in summer too by deflecting it away.

Key Benefits of Room in Roof Insulation

Cut Energy Bills

According to the Installation Assurance Authority, room in roof installation can cut an average of £395 from home energy bills each year.

Greater Comfort

If you’ve ever spent time in an uninsulated attic room, you’ll know they can be freezing in winter and blisteringly hot in summer. RIR insulation helps regulate temperature all year round, so your loft room is much more comfortable place to be.

Improved Energy Performance

The better your home’s energy performance, the better its rating will be. That could make a difference when selling your home. Room-in-roof insulation could add between two and fifteen points to your energy rating, depending on the size of the attic room, the insulation used and the area insulated.


As it sits behind the plasterboard, you won’t see the insulation that’s helping to keep your loft space warm.

Better Energy Efficiency

Lower energy consumption means a lower carbon footprint. Install room in roof insulation with the help of a Government grant and your home will be a greener, more environmentally friendly place to be.


If you’re a private tenant, a homeowner or a landlord* and the home is in Council Tax bands A to D and its energy rating is D or below you might be able to get a RIRI grant for the work.

If you’re on a low income and in receipt of certain benefits, your room in roof grant could cover the whole cost of the work. If you’re not in receipt of benefits but do meet the other criteria listed above, you may still be able to claim a room in roof insulation grant although it may not cover the full cost of the work.

To find out for sure, complete the grant application form below.

*Sorry, we can’t accept applications from social housing customers.

Why Choose Us for Room in Roof Insulation?

Quality People, Quality Materials: For years, we’ve been helping people create warmer homes that cost less to heat. We only use materials guaranteed to deliver long-lasting results. And we only use friendly, skilled, experienced professionals to install them.

Custom Solutions: Every building is unique. We’ll assess your home and find the best insulation solution for every room.

Clear, Simple, Transparent: We want to be completely upfront about our work, the cost, and the effect of any room in roof grants. So before you make any decisions, we’ll give you a clear understanding of your options, and the potential energy and financial savings.

Room in Roof Insulation is a smart investment in your home, offering immediate and long-term benefits. Whether you’re looking to reduce energy bills, create additional living space, or reduce your carbon footprint, we are here to help you secure a grant and achieve your goals.

Do you qualify for funding?

Use our interactive form to see if you qualify for room in roof insulation grant funding.