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Loft insulation is a layer of insulating fabric that sits within the joists of the attic above your ceiling. Of all the types of insulation you could install in your home, this is perhaps the first most people think of and one of the simplest to install. And with the help of a Government grant for loft insulation (which we can help you secure funding for), you could get it for free.


When the weather’s cold, you probably wear a woolly hat to keep yourself warm, because it’s the exposed parts of your body that lose heat quickest. The same principle applies with loft insulation. Much of the heat your home loses escapes through the roof, so by installing loft insulation, you’re effectively putting a woolly hat on your home, locking in the heat.


Cut Energy Bills

According to the Energy Saving Trust , installing loft insulation could help cut your energy bills by between £240 and £445 every year.

Long Lasting Effectiveness

Loft insulation is a great fix and (almost) forget solution. As long as you check it every few months to ensure it hasn’t become damaged or compressed, it should stay effective for decades.

Simple To Install

We help qualifying UK homeowners apply for free loft insulation grants and we install loft insulation for everyone, whether you qualify for a loft insulation grant or not. But as one of the simplest types of home insulation to install, many people find they can do it themselves.

Reduce Mould

There are lots of reasons you could find mould appearing on your bedroom ceilings, but a lack of insulation in the attic is one of them. A well-insulated loft can help regulate humidity levels, reducing the risk of mould and dampness and helping to protect the health of everyone who lives below.

Lower Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

According to the Energy Saving Trust1, installing a 270mm layer of loft insulation could cut at least 550 kgs of CO2 from your carbon footprint. And that’s for a mid-terraced house. For larger or detached properties, the carbon savings could be almost double that.


Lots of homes have insulation installed. It lasts for decades, but it’s important to ensure it isn’t damaged and that it is able to do its job effectively.

If you’ve placed items in the attic that are squashing down your insulation, you could be losing up to 50% of the insulation’s effectiveness. And if you’ve had a leaking roof tile at any point, you’ll probably find the insulation beneath has become damp and compressed. In both cases you might need to replace it. We can help.


If you’re a homeowner, landlord or tenant* you may qualify for free or discounted loft insulation. To qualify for UK grants for loft insulation your home will need an energy performance certificate (EPD) of D to G and be in Council Tax band A-D (in England — other rules apply in Scotland and Wales).

Support may also depend on any benefits you receive, the total income of your household, and the local authority in your area.

*Sorry, we can’t accept applications from social housing customers.


Clear, Simple, Transparent: It’s not always easy to know how best to insulate your home. Our mission is to help you understand what your options are, what the benefits and costs will be, and whether the Government loft insulation grant is available to you, so you can make an informed decision.

Custom Solutions: Every building is unique. We’ll assess your home and find the best green energy solution for it.

Do you qualify for funding?

Use our interactive form to see if you qualify for a loft insulation grant.