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An air source heat pump (ASHP) is a way of heating your home and providing hot water without relying on fossil fuels. If your home currently uses an old heating system, you could save hundreds of pounds and more than a tonne of CO2 every year. And with the help of a Government grant for air source heat pumps (which we can help you secure funding for), you could get it for free.


They work a lot like your fridge freezer, only in reverse. Instead of cooling air using a refrigerant gas, an ASHP warms up air from outside using a combination of refrigerant gas and pressure. The heated water is then pumped into your hot water tank and central heating system where it warms your radiators, just as a regular gas boiler would now.


Cut Energy Bills

You can make big savings when switching to an air source heat pump. That’s especially true if you’re switching from an old system. Energy provider E.On quotes annual savings of £1,100 compared with aging electric storage heaters, for example, and £510 compared with an old gas boiler. In addition, as well as receiving Government grant funding you may be able to claim back thousands of pounds in rebates over several years.

Great For Summer and Winter

The beauty of an ASHP is that it’s not just valuable in winter. Unlike your existing heating system, air source heat pumps heat your home in winter and help regulate the temperature in summer, so they’re helping to create a more comfortable home all year round.

Long Lasting Effectiveness

Even a well-maintained gas boiler gets less efficient with age, so it costs you more to heat your home. You’ll still need to maintain your heat pump (just as you would any other energy source) but you’ll find it lasts longer than a traditional boiler and is more effective throughout that time too.

Ideal For UK Homes

You may have read about air source heat pumps and their suitability in UK homes. It’s true that ASHPs work better in well insulated homes, and you may need to upgrade your central heating system to get the best out of them (your ASHP government grant could help with this). But the UK climate is actually perfect for getting the best out of air source heat pumps, which are effective in countries much colder than the UK.


You’ll be surprised just how quiet an ASHP is (when in use, it’s about as noisy as your bathroom extractor fan). And because the main unit sits outside your home, you don’t get the same bangs and clanks that you’ll frequently hear with an old gas boiler.

Cleaner, Greener Energy

You’ll obviously reduce your home’s reliance on fossil fuels with an air source heat pump. You generate fewer greenhouse gases too. But beyond that, an ASHP connects with your other green initiatives in a way that a traditional boiler simply can’t. If you have solar panels, for example, you’ll be able to use the power they generate to help drive your ASHP for a significant part of the year.


If you’re a homeowner or a landlord* we can help you apply for an air source heat pumps grant of up to £7,500. ASHP grants aren’t available to everyone, but if your home isn’t a new build, is currently powered using fossil fuel, and if you’ve done all the basics in terms of improving your energy performance rating (we can help with this), you may already meet the eligibility criteria.

*Sorry, we can’t accept applications from social housing customers.


Real Expertise: We’ve been installing ASHPs since they first came onto the UK market. So not only can we install a system that will deliver the heat you need; we’ll help you make the right choices too.

Custom Solutions: Every building is unique. We’ll assess your home and find the best green energy solution for it.

Clear, Simple, Transparent: We want to be completely upfront about our work, the cost, and your eligibility for any ASHP grant. So before you make any decisions, we’ll give you a clear understanding of your options, and the potential energy and financial savings.

Do you qualify for funding?

Use our interactive form to see if you qualify for a Government air source heat pump grant.